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Greetings, logistics enthusiasts and marketeers!

The airwaves were buzzing recently as our very own Scott Case took to the microphone with Eric Dye (producer of Enterprise Radio), offering invaluable insights on the dynamic interplay between industry expertise and impactful marketing. If you missed it, we’ve got your back!

In this illuminating podcast episode, Scott dives into a range of thought-provoking topics:

  • The ripple effect of niche industry expertise and how it magnifies value for clients.
  • The golden balance between company and agency experience: Is it the secret sauce for marketing success?
  • Scott pulls back the curtain, sharing a real-life example of how his hands-on industry experience finetunes our marketing strategies, making them resonate deeply with clients.
  • The pivotal art of ensuring marketing objectives sail in tandem with overarching company goals.
  • And for the cherry on top? Scott shares wisdom for fellow marketing execs: How to make your agency shine distinctively in a sea of competitors.

At Position : Global (P : G for the cool kids), our commitment to excellence goes beyond just knowing our stuff. It’s about continuously engaging, learning, and sharing our insights with the community.

Catch the full podcast episode [here], and immerse yourself in the nuanced perspectives Scott brings to the table.

Keep those logistics vibes high and your marketing strategies sharp!