Diving Deep with Scott Case: A Candid Chat on P : G’s Expertise

Greetings, logistics enthusiasts and marketeers! The airwaves were buzzing recently as our very own Scott Case took to the microphone with Eric Dye (producer of Enterprise Radio), offering invaluable insights on the dynamic interplay between industry expertise and impactful marketing. If you missed it, we’ve got your back! In this illuminating podcast episode, Scott dives… Thoughts

Ideas with Irma: Prose and Cons

Prose and Cons

Have you ever attended a convention just for fun? Well, I have! And I’m going again starting the 10th through the 13th of February. I’ll be gone having a blast with friends and whatnot, but I’m also looking at this with a new outlook on the world around me. Not just from a COVID-19 and… Read more »

Farewell, LH D-ALCC

There are few things in life that are final or a “last opportunity” at something. I just found out that the restaurant my wife and I had our wedding reception at in 2004 and was a longtime fixture on the Rosemont dining scene was razed this week. Irony – the word “raze” when destruction is… Read more »

Erin’s Monthly Musings – PRIDE

PRIDE's Position? Global.

I got the instruction to write this week for our company blog without any actual direction on the topic or the length, which isn’t my comfort zone. My job here at Position : Global is to write a precise amount on a particular topic, so the freedom to prattle on is disquieting and exciting.  Even… Read more »

When trade policy moves faster than you can move your supply chain

On Monday, the Administration announced their intention to terminate GSP benefits from Turkey and India. I’ve been a Customs broker long enough that with the exception of commodities like carpets, textiles and gold, importers I represented made sourcing decisions in these countries based on the fact they could buy duty-free. Now, that trade-off came with… Read more »

Four tips for writing a business letter

As we watch digital communication evolve into a new language, it is important to understand how to communicate effectively by a letter in many situations. Though we may now find ourselves sending letters via email in the case of career advancement or civic communication with our government, it’s crucial to uphold the formality of a… Read more »

Be Prepared for Your Big Moments

On September 10th, AirStrip Technologies discovered that they couldn’t handle the traffic on their site when it was showcased in the Apple Watch demonstration during the keynote speech. “Our website was crashed within seconds,” AirStrip CEO Alan Portela said. Within hours of the keynote, Airstrip received product inquiries which crashed the company’s servers. Having watched… Read more »

The Northwest Seaport Alliance

Some areas of the United States are perfectly crafted for mergers, especially in the areas of transportation and logistics. Dallas-Fort Worth, New York-Newark, Los Angeles-Long Beach and now, the Ports of Seattle-Tacoma, which are known as the Northwest Seaport Alliance. These former rivals have been approved a port alliance by the FMC as they bring… Read more »

A long overdue P:G update and introduction

To say that there’s been a gap in communication on the blog would be an understatement. P:G has been busy growing and doing lots of great things for lots of great people and companies. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel and present at conferences and for groups along the way; and those people have been… Read more »

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