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Expert Witness

Scott Case is the expert witness attorneys, importers, exporters and others through the supply chain facing a legal matter can and should call for cases involving Customs brokerage, freight forwarding or international logistics.

An internationally recognized expert and speaker on the issues of international freight forwarding, multimodal transportation and Customs and Border Protection, Scott Case has the experience, the knowledge, the poise and comfort to serve as an expert witness.

Scott has been a licensed Customs broker since 1994 and has spoken to industry trade groups, importers and exporters in the United States and overseas. Scott has written protests, binding ruling requests and answered oral and written inquiries from government agencies such as the CBP, TSA, FMC, NOAA, FDA and others. Scott has been quoted in trade publications such as the AJOT, American Shipper and Journal of Commerce, just to name a few.

Position : Global is not a practicing Customs broker or freight forwarder representing anyone’s interests, freeing Scott from the conflicts of a situation where he is representing individuals, companies or organizations before Customs or other government agencies.

A comfortable orator and storyteller, Scott not only possesses the knowledge of Customs regulations, but also how cargo moves into and out of the United States and can speak to the process of logistics and the points of risk and opportunity when companies find themselves facing or involved in a legal proceeding.

“I would strongly argue that licensed Customs broker who has never worked in a brokerage office and represented many clients across a variety of imported products does not possess the real-world experience of the role of the broker as a key part of the supply chain. I have been fortunate to work in every facet of the import and export supply chain including air and sea freight freight forwarding, Customs brokerage, consolidation and deconsolidation.

During my nearly thirty years, I have issued bills of lading, filed Customs entries and argued with Customs and other agencies when I thought they were wrong. These experiences, coupled with global travel to visit foreign logistics companies, importers and exporters have rounded my experience and given me the perspective that few others share or can offer a company needing an expert witness for a legal proceeding.”

– Scott Case

For more information about Scott’s experience as a global logistics executive for nearly three decades and his qualifications and samples and referrals from his previous legal work, fill out the contact form below for more information.

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Scott Case