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Position : Global is a marketing agency focused on the needs of logistics and supply chain businesses.

P:G Media

We’re a nimble, unique team with the combined talents of former logistics practitioners and marketing professionals.

Logistics is its own specialized language. To market to cargo owners and industry peers, companies must use the right words and imagery. With a comprehensive knowledge of how supply chains function, Position : Global works with companies to create marketing plans and content supporting local, national and global businesses and associations supporting cargo owners.

Position : Global is not just a vendor but a partner. They challenge us on how to tell our story differently, in new ways, which helps us keep our brand fresh to customers and employees alike.

Chris ConnellPresident at Commodity Forwarders Inc.

All the hard work Position Global puts into creating content for us that is always creative, informative, and entertaining is much appreciated.

Bobby ShaidaVice President of Corporate Sales at Coppersmith Global Logistics

Position : Global consistently helps the JFK Air Cargo Association. During Covid when we didn’t have an income and thought we might have to close the association, they went above and beyond to redesign our website making it much more interactive and informative for our members. They are always readily available to assist with any unforeseen issues that can happen with a trade organization and are always willing to offer advice and insight with their personal marketing experiences.

Dayna HarapPresident, JFK Air Cargo Association

I am pleased to share my admiration for Position : Global as an exceptional marketing partner for Alba Wheels Up. In the dynamic world of logistics and customshouse brokerage, Position : Global has proven to be an invaluable ally. Their expertise in crafting compelling messaging has elevated our brand, and their adept handling of social media and industry-related mediums has significantly enhanced our visibility.

Joseph MilsteinCRO of Alba Wheels Up

CCBFA has been a customer of P:G for several years and we really appreciate the support we get from you guys, both technically and in the area of marketing ideas. Your technical support helps us deliver services to our members. Whether a business is a small non-profit or has a big budget, we feel like P:G is a great support and helps drive web exposure to maximize services to customers!

Jane SorensenPresident of CCBFA

If you need to tell your story, have a website that needs to be developed, want a logo, or need assistance in establishing a virtual presence that reflects your value and message, I recommend contacting Position : Global.

Cindy AllenTrade Force Multiplier

We're your team to deliver marketing success.

P : G delivers customer success with a fusion of people, technology and personal connections forged through decades of friendships.

Position : Global is to omni-channel marketing what multimodal shipping is to global supply chains. 

No single form of communication effectively reaches prospects and customers in the same place. 

The goal is to meet your audience where they are – and leave it to P : G to sort through the dizzying array of channels to recommend and use the ones that reach the most people and produce the highest quality leads to convert. 

P : G helps trade associations find creative ways to grow.

Trade associations use Position : Global to perform a variety of services including website design and maintenance, member services, communication, event planning and marketing and social media management.

Local or national, all-volunteer led or with paid staff, P : G designs solutions across a wide variety of operating budgets. Find out how your association can benefit from using Position : Global today.