The JFK Airport Customs Brokers & Freight Forwarders Association currently has more than one hundred and thirty members from the New York area and around the United States. Founded in 1969 as the JFK Airport Brokers Association with approximately thirty members, they have developed a close working relationship with U.S. CusThe JFK Air Cargo Association, Inc., was founded in 1958 and their stated goal is to educate and serve various air cargo industry components. Throughout the year they have luncheon meetings and events that educate their members, give them an opportunity to network and support philanthropic endeavors. They also provide representation and support for members before the federal, state and local government authorities with whom they do business.

The Association approached P:G with a tight delivery deadline because the underlying member management technology company’s contract was coming up for renewal – at a cost of thousands dollars per year. We worked with them to create a platform that eliminated that annual expense with the one-time development of a professional website that gave them the opportunity to integrate a WordPress-based site with S2 Member Management and Event Espresso for event creation and registration. Coupled with Mailchimp as the preferred email platform, JFK contacts nearly a thousand people per month to invite them to their events with an average attendance of well over seventy people.toms and Border Protection resulting in a constant dialogue that helps them find rapid solutions to procedural and day-to-day problems that affect their membership. JFK Airport is consistently in the top five airports in the United States for passenger and cargo arrivals and departures. Goods of all kinds enter and depart the United States by air at JFK as well as from the Port of New York.


Position : Global was retained to help the Association update their logo and their website and give the volunteer members of their board an easier way to manage events, upload documents such as Customs Pipelines and an airline directory that is one of the benefits of membership in the association.

P:G created the new log with a nod to the TWA terminal at JFK Airport, a building on the national register of historic sites. We then built a website that as of early 2016 was not used for collecting membership dues or payment for events, but is instead used to register people and share documents and lists that are members-only content.

The JFK Airport CBFFA is also utilizing their site to solicit sponsorships which adds revenue to their operating budget.






The new site features large images, big headlines, and clear calls to action. Mobile versions optimize text and buttons to create usable tap targets and navigation patterns for smaller screens.

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