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Web Development

Position : Global specializes in creating websites that serve as more than mere showcases, ensuring they act as potent lead-generation tools. Analyzing visitor behavior and engagement patterns, we transform websites into strong business assets that resonate with global audiences across diverse platforms. Your website is your 7/24/365, always-on, always-available brochure and is the hub of your digital marketing and customer support universe.

Content Creation

Recognizing that logistics companies excel in managing supply chains rather than content creation, Position : Global boasts a team of industry veterans adept at producing engaging, industry-specific content. Logistics is its own unique language. Knowing and using words and images correctly is integral to conveying expertise and encouraging trust. Staying abreast and ahead of the ever-evolving infrastructure, climatic, geopolitical and regulatory stories, and surfacing what is important to audiences is key for our customers to differentiate themselves from their competition.

Our process involves meticulous content audits, SEO research, and a profound understanding of sales team requirements. From newsletters and blog posts to diverse social media content, our material is crafted to guide the audience through every stage of the buyer journey, offering insights only industry experts can provide.


Position : Global can manage and execute the marketing needs of volunteer-run and paid and staffed associations alike.

We have worked with many associations to simplify and streamline online member interactions including member management, event registrations, members-only directories and restricted site areas. We have graphic designers to produce content for sites, promote events though association social media channels and manage monthly email campaigns and event announcements.

Most importantly, we provide Associations with additional opportunities to generate revenue to raise funds for philanthropic endeavors while still being able to offset the managed services which Position : Global can offer at different tiers of engagement.

Let the volunteer board focus on their day jobs and the Association’s mission.

Brand Strategy

Position : Global, recognizes the pivotal role a rich brand strategy plays in today’s competitive market. Unless they own their own assets, logistics companies rely on the same carriers and vendors as their competitors, and the question becomes how they differentiate themselves from the crowd. 

Crafting an effective strategy involves a delicate blending of messaging, positioning, and competitive analysis. Messaging means articulating a brand’s story, values, and unique selling propositions in a way that deeply resonates with the target audience. Meanwhile, positioning strategically situates a brand within the market landscape, emphasizing its distinct attributes relative to competitors. This process involves leveraging strengths, addressing weaknesses, and carving out a niche that communicates superiority or relevance to buyers. 

Our expertise lies in relentlessly, and with great precision, honing this positioning through comprehensive research that includes competitor analysis and understanding how your reputation is perceived among buyers. Moreover, we guide the development of your corporate identity, encompassing everything from logos and taglines to digital and physical applications, all consolidated in a comprehensive corporate identity guide that clearly articulates and guides how your brand should appear, both internally and externally.

Podcast Support

Whether promoting businesses on industry podcasts or developing unique shows, P : G offers comprehensive support, including concept development, production, distribution, and booking guest appearances for thought leaders. With our technical expertise, we ensure a stellar presence whether in a studio, remote, or various locations.

Public Relations

For companies expanding through acquisitions or seeking increased visibility in trade and business media, Position : Global provides end-to-end support. From crafting compelling press releases to securing story placement and interview opportunities across local, national, and international media, our PR expertise guarantees impactful visibility.

Marketing and Communications Planning

Whether aiming to elevate brand presence, generate online leads, or optimize trade show/conference participation, P : G offers tailored strategies and a full suite of services. Our support extends to sales training and consultancy, empowering clients to achieve their goals efficiently.

Employment Branding

In high-turnover industries, actively engaging employees via various channels like social media, internal newsletters, and events is crucial. P : G collaborates with HR, TA, and communications to create initiatives aimed at recognizing employees, boosting engagement, and recruiting both employees and contractors both nationally and in regional markets.

CRM and Marketing Automation

Employing various platforms, we assist clients in crafting efficient prospect lists and devising strategies to convert prospects into leads using both marketing and sales tools. As a HubSpot partner and regular user of LinkedIn Sales Navigator and ZoomInfo, among others, we optimize prospecting strategies.

Audio, Video, and Photography

In the realm of digital media, high-quality audio, video, and photography play pivotal roles in conveying brand messages. Position : Global excels in producing professional-grade content, ranging from impactful advertisements to informative podcasts, utilizing top-notch recording equipment, post-production software, and high-resolution drones to captivate audiences and bolster brand presence.

Social Media Management

Understanding the nuances of B2B and B2C social media, Position : Global effectively manages social media presence across platforms, prioritizing LinkedIn for business audiences. By creating engaging content focusing on education, engagement, and conversion, we deliver comprehensive analytics to measure performance.