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Logistically Speaking

Logistically Speaking is a supply chain focused podcast that is committed to exploring global and domestic supply chains through the eyes of a former practitioner and industry thought leader and currently practicing customs and transportation lawyer.

Supply chains are subjected to buffeting winds from all directions – governments and their regulatory agencies, labor, climate, technology and ever changing market conditions. The goal of the podcast is to make complex or below-the-waterline topics approachable and provide understandable explanations. Whether you are a provider or consumer of supply chain services, you should come away with a better understanding of the issue being covered, some questions to ask and maybe some answers to things you’d been pondering.

Your co-hosts are Scott Case, a licensed customs broker and former air and sea freight forwarder who has traveled the globe and held elected and appointed positions of leadership in multiple industry associations. Today, Scott owns Position : Global, a full-service marketing agency for logistics companies.

Cameron Roberts is a partner in the law firm of Roberts & Kehagiaras LLP. Cameron started in the industry working for Harper Robinson and today maintains his customs broker license and teaches classes at Cal State Long Beach.

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