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Every story is different. Part of what I do here at P : G is take the personal stories of our clients and tell them in a way that bridges a gap between humanity and logistics. One of the things I hear most is how few of us came to logistics on purpose, unless we followed family into the industry. Most of us just found ourselves here, in our place, following our calling. 

I’ve heard stories that run the gamut from harrowing to hilarious, never not surprised at the resilience, tenacity, and glory of the human spirit. Balancing that against a very numbers driven industry has been easier than you’d expect. While there have been one or two that didn’t want to tell a personal story for fears the person would be poached or the story misconstrued, most companies find that the personal stories shared by their teams are packed with gratitude, fond memories, and incredible advice and mentorship for the next generation. 

Telling these stories will swiftly teach you which titans deserve their legends and which garner nary a whisper. It goes to show that when you’re putting good out into the world, when you’re making a positive impact on the people you come into contact with, and when you make a difference, people will kick down my door to tell me about it. 

It can be odd to be in this business and know so many people personally when most relationships are kept at arm’s length for professional reasons. I’ve always said that my dream is to do great work with people committed to greatness. Telling stories that prove we’re one global family operating with precision in the backbone industry of logistics gives me the chance to introduce the world to the spirit of our little club. 

If you want to learn more about telling your story or how P : G can introduce the world to your business, reach out to us today.