Building Organizational Trust

The TMSA 2023 Executive Leadership Summit was a terrific event that sought to help logistics firms support their marketing and sales efforts from a 30000 foot view. Presentations this year focused on Trust, AI, DEI, and better ways to partner with your clients. Here are my notes from the opening keynote, on trust. To learn… Read more »

Q4 Supply Chain Predictions

“I’ve got to admit it’s getting better, better, better… It’s getting better all the time!” ~Paul McCartney “It can’t get no worse.” ~John Lennon and George Harrison  Getting Better, 1967, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band After a roaring 2020, logistics is having a hangover. Rates are down, fuel is up, and ocean capacity, that… Read more »

Behind the Scenes SEO Tools

Search engine ranking is more than what you see on the page Greetings, digital aficionados! Here at Position : Global, we take great pleasure in delving deep into the fascinating nuances of SEO (or I do, at the very least), and today, we steer our focus toward a topic that often doesn’t get the spotlight… Read more »

Diving Deep with Scott Case: A Candid Chat on P : G’s Expertise

Greetings, logistics enthusiasts and marketeers! The airwaves were buzzing recently as our very own Scott Case took to the microphone with Eric Dye (producer of Enterprise Radio), offering invaluable insights on the dynamic interplay between industry expertise and impactful marketing. If you missed it, we’ve got your back! In this illuminating podcast episode, Scott dives… Thoughts

The ESG Shift in Logistics: A Chat from Position : Global’s Desk

Hey there, logistics aficionados! As we’re sure you’re aware, here at Position : Global, we don’t just glance at graphs and nod. We delve deep, staying attuned to the heartbeat of logistics and making sense of the intricate dance of data, trends, and innovations that make our industry so fascinating. When Scott Case, our beloved… Website

The Breaking News Boggle Board

Position : Global does it all.

“One last check of Twitter,” I said to myself laying in bed around 22:30 on Thursday night, June 15th. What could possibly be… Oh.  And with that, I retrieved my computer and got busy, posting to probably half a dozen client LinkedIn feeds about the breaking and urgent news of the day, really of the… Read more »

Programmatic: Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make me a Match!

What Are Programmatic Ads? Programmatic ads are like the modern-day matchmakers of the marketing world; they introduce your business to the perfect people. As a result, B2B companies can benefit from higher levels of engagement and increased ROI. Programmatic advertising is a type of automated ad buying that uses algorithms to purchase digital ads based… Read more »

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