Word of the Week: Living Lexicon of Linguistics

Welcome to the “Word of the Week,” where we share an agency or industry keyword, buzzword, or phase for your further edification when working on your marketing or advertising! Join us every Friday for an updated word for your lexicon below! January 20th’s word is: Branding. Branding: The process of creating and promoting a brand,… Read more »

Cookies are Crumbling; Pass the Milk

Cookies are going away

If you work in an ad agency, are a marketer, or are just an advertising enthusiast, you have probably heard that Cookies are Crumbling in terms of digital analytics. This should come to no surprise as the aged biscuit has been on its last leg for some time. Safari & Firefox have already blocked them… Read more »

Personalizing you and your business online.

Businesses and individuals can both instill their identity and make their companies easy to find online by claiming their personal and professional locations on the platforms their clients use. Business B2B Social Network Tips What platforms do you use to reach your customers?  Are you selling exclusive B2B or B2C, or do you have a… Read more »

Personalize campaigns using client or prospect data.

“Big Data”.  The phrase is ubiquitous now, like “cloud computing”. In theory, it essentially refers to having a large amount of data pertaining to purchases, transactions or behaviors that can be aggregated, analyzed and then used for some other purpose, oftentimes marketing or selling additional services. There are many ways to use this data, whether… Read more »

Tools of the trade: surveys

Surveys are an invaluable barometer for companies who are looking to get a reading on how they’re doing in the eyes of their customers or prospects.There are many ways to conduct surveys online for little or no cost, and they also can be integrated with CRM or or email campaign software to propagate the results… Read more »

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