Programmatic: Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make me a Match!

What Are Programmatic Ads? Programmatic ads are like the modern-day matchmakers of the marketing world; they introduce your business to the perfect people. As a result, B2B companies can benefit from higher levels of engagement and increased ROI. Programmatic advertising is a type of automated ad buying that uses algorithms to purchase digital ads based… Read more »

Cookies are Crumbling; Pass the Milk

Cookies are going away

If you work in an ad agency, are a marketer, or are just an advertising enthusiast, you have probably heard that Cookies are Crumbling in terms of digital analytics. This should come to no surprise as the aged biscuit has been on its last leg for some time. Safari & Firefox have already blocked them… Read more »

Photo and video social media for logistics companies.

For companies who move unique cargo or travel to meet partners or host others from far away, pictures or videos shared online are a tremendous way to create a closer, personal connection with customers and prospects.  If your company does any of those things, you should seriously investigate a corporate account on Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube,… Read more »

Using pictures and videos tell stories

It’s not a surprise that sites like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest are gaining so many followers.  Besides the connective nature of Facebook, the other three sites are solely image-driven. Companies in logistics need to be publishing pictures and videos about themselves, their agents and the cargo they handle.   Allow me to explain why…. Read more »

Everything contributes to brand perception

The wider the penetration of your brand, the more integral it is to make sure that the messages you deliver are compelling, creative and further your goal of greater awareness. Perhaps you remember teachers who would say, “Neatness counts.” Those same teachers probably also told you that spelling counts as well. Personally I’ve observed two… Read more »

Targeted advertising + custom landing pages = More leads

Companies who know their customer type and target them successfully with specific ads and landing pages about those products will fill their pipeline with the kind of business they want; not the kind of business they have to accept. What’s your company’s thing? Live animals? Foodstuffs? High-value cargo? Military? Personal effects? Humanitarian goods? Chances are… Read more »

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