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Hey there, logistics aficionados! As we’re sure you’re aware, here at Position : Global, we don’t just glance at graphs and nod. We delve deep, staying attuned to the heartbeat of logistics and making sense of the intricate dance of data, trends, and innovations that make our industry so fascinating.

When Scott Case, our beloved founder, recently shared his insights on Inbound Logistics’ “Good Question” segment, it wasn’t just a passing comment. It was a clear signal of our commitment to understand the shifting terrains of logistics:

“U.S. logistics firms that sidestep the ESG roadmap might find their inboxes eerily quiet. Major cargo stakeholders? They’re actively scouting for logistics partners who align with their drive to trim carbon footprints and soar on sustainability.” – Scott Case, Founder, Position : Global

But let’s be clear. We aren’t here for momentary buzzwords. At P : G, it’s about capturing the essence of economic, social, and environmental forces and understanding their intricate choreography in shaping the logistics world. Our hearts and souls are in this industry – investigating challenges, championing innovations, and chronicling the many success stories. ESG isn’t just a trendy acronym; it’s an emblem of evolving global priorities that demand more conscientious and sustainable logistics strategies.
To our colleagues, collaborators, and the fantastic community we engage with: Position : Global isn’t just industry-adjacent. We’re in the thick of it, dedicated to leading and adapting in these transformative times. Here’s to moving forward together, appreciating the richness of our industry’s history while forging paths to its promising future. If you would like to move your brand forward, reach out today so we can position you. . . globally