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Telling the client’s story is the name of the game when it comes to a marketing agency. We have to encapsulate the essence of the organization in only so many words, all the while keeping content dynamic, relevant, and engaging to the audience. There is no shortage of expertise that goes into such efforts ranging from industry titans, to marketing geniuses. But one position that can often get overlooked is that of the individual owning the day to day relationship with the clients.

Whether you call us Client Relationship Managers, Customer Success Managers, or Client Services Managers, the extent of our job stretches far beyond “just” ensuring our customers are happy. Building relationships with our clients means we’re building trust and credibility, which in turn, allows us to better understand each individual client’s needs. Once both are established, the information flows and is shared with said titans and geniuses to develop customized solutions to fit each specific need. 

In my decade of experience in a customer facing role in B2B SaaS, I have had the privilege of working with organizations of every size and in various industries. Owning these relationships and watching them flourish from the onboarding stage to seeing them reap the benefits of the product and/or solution has been extremely rewarding. Coming into this role at Position : Global has been equally rewarding but vastly different to anything I’ve done before. In this role, the people are the product, and being able to showcase them and their mastery is exceptionally fulfilling. 

At Position : Global, we are in the unique position of offering marketing services to a very niche and competitive industry. Building that added layer of trust that goes beyond transactions – be it monetary or informational – ensures that our clients come back for more. More content, more design, more services, and it’s a win/win all around as we continue to do what we love and deliver exceptional results.

Establishing and developing relationships with clients in any industry is essential for success, and taking the time to get to know your clients guarantees trust, credibility, and repeat business. 

Once we are able to:

  • Understand our clients’ business
  • Be responsive to their needs
  • Establish reliability
  • Be proactive
  • Be genuine

Then we’re not just doing business, we’re building long-lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships. If you’re looking to kick start your marketing efforts, or revamp and expand your existing strategy all the while enjoying incomparable service and care, the Position : Global team is just an email away. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can support your goals and take your marketing to new heights.