As the logistics community rallies around hashtags like #aircargostrong and just the incredible efforts to move medical supplies, food and other essential goods where they need it, rest assured that your Position : Global team remains on the job and hard at work.

We’re already a work-from-home kinda workforce across the United States and the globe, utilizing tools like monday, Slack and GoToMeeting to conduct our business in an environment where we’re getting tired of not being able to get out to see clients and friends in person like the rest of the world.

The news is moving so quickly, we’re focused heavily on content programs for clients that keep up with the ever changing capacity, routes, USTR exclusions and whatever else importers and exporters need to know to get goods into and out of the country. We’re taking advantage of being “Switzerland” and leveraging that global knowledge, information gathering and conversations with professionals to make sure that we all come out the other end poised to help America – and the world – slowly recover and regain strength and commerce.

We’re just as accessible as we’ve always been and if you need help communicating with your audience, we’re here for you.

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