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Marketing & Branding

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The greater a brand’s penetration, the less time it needs to spend making introductions and the more time it can spend gaining and successfully closing new opportunities. Is your brand widely-known in your city?  Region?  Country?  Worldwide? What is your brand’s value?  Is it stale?  Can it benefit from a more modern look? Today it… Read more »

PG Expert Witness Scales

Scott Case: Expert Witness

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Scott Case is the expert witness attorneys, importers, exporters and others through the supply chain facing a legal matter can and should call for cases involving Customs brokerage, freight forwarding or international logistics. An internationally recognized expert and speaker on the issues of international freight forwarding, multimodal transportation and Customs and Border Protection, Scott Case… Read more »


Association Services

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Position : Global can manage and execute the marketing needs of volunteer-run and paid and staffed associations alike. We have worked with many associations to simplify and streamline online member interactions including member management, event registrations, members-only directories and restricted site areas. We have graphic designers to produce content for sites, promote events though association… Read more »


Content Creation

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Besides moving cargo through the supply chain, the second hardest part is writing about it. Whether a newsletter, case studies, website copy or ghost writing thought-leadership pieces for placement in paid media or other news outlets, trust Position : Global to write material that portrays you or your company as leaders in your areas of expertise.


Social Media Management

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So many platforms, so little time. From a central platform, Position : Global can post your own content or identify and share relevant published content that resonates with your audience. We use Oktopost, a recognized platform in B2B social sharing to manage Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook and Instagram and capture analytics and ROI with each campaign.


Video & Audio Production

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Video is the most compelling and the hottest way to share your message and tell your story. Whether long form pieces for use on your site or as advertising or short educational segments for Periscope, Meerkat or other live-sharing, video is a powerful tool. Podcasts are another great way to reach your audience on their schedule, and P:G can produce and direct podcasts of any length with one or more guest speakers.


Web Design

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Your website should generate leads, educate customers and validate your capabilities while measuring on-site activities. Does yours? Your customers today come from all over the world.  Your website is your first chance to feature your brand.  Built and used properly, it generates leads for sales, builds and maintains customer loyalty and increases revenue. Businesses today capture… Read more »


Professional Speaking

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Global logistics is a complicated process, but Scott Case has simply, clearly and comprehensively explained it to groups from university undergraduates to logistics professionals in the United States and abroad. A noted global speaker, Scott has covered topics such as international transportation, marketing and branding, Customs and regulatory authorities and market conditions in a variety of… Read more »

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