Coppersmith Global Logistics is privately held logistics company based in El Segundo, California, with offices throughout the United States. Coppersmith’s previous website had gotten cluttered over time and required an update to reflect their current office locations and provide a clean, responsive site that tells their story to new visitors while still giving existing clients the ability to quickly navigate to the online tools and resources.


Coppersmith took a very methodical approach to the redesign and asked themselves what they wanted to feature. We settled on several key elements – their business line which focuses on the Customs clearance of inbound pets, the different verticals that they operate in and the myriad of inbound and outbound services they offer. With the company’s 70th anniversary imminent, we also felt it important to share the long Coppersmith story which was accomplished with a timeline highlighting key dates throughout their history.

Coppersmith also self-programs their operational, track and trace and ISF systems, so customers needed quick and easy access to their digital platforms to continue to do their work.

Through a series of mockups, we eventually honed in on what the most important design elements were for them and created a look, feel and navigation that met their needs and the needs of their clients. With offices around the United States from Seattle to New York, the site is a representation of their US footprint and the global reach they project for their customers.


A home page slider features the different services that Coppersmith offers and scrolling down immediately keys the visitor into one of three key areas of their business.

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The sandwich menu disappears, allowing visitors to easily scroll from top to bottom without an impeded view and the key discussion points are broken into three easy-to-read columns.

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Users can clearly and cleanly watch as the key elements scroll by and the large green buttons make navigating into the online systems quick and easy.

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I just wanted to write to tell you that Position : Global did a fine job at creating a modern look and flow to our company website.  As a company with a rich history in the international trade industry, we were looking for a company who could touch on our family culture while showing our dynamic mix of logistics services.  We have developed many niche markets over the years and P:G's ability to make these markets known to the prospective client in a user friendly environment was satisfying.  

Your understanding of our client base, service offerings, and how to make those available to web users, helped to make our job of creating a new site easier.  We were able to eliminate a lot of unnecessary clutter and links that no longer drive business to our site, and just focus on the information that customers are looking for when searching for a customs broker or international logistics specialist.  You demonstrated your ability to understand and address the technical issues of maintaining and updating our site with current news and service features, as well as made the site mobile-friendly for the 21st century customer.  We are happy with the creative flow of the pages, resources and links that highlight our company's history, locations, services and specialties.  

This site will well serve both our existing and prospective customers.

Thank you for your service.

Bud Coppersmith - Executive Vice President
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