Culture, People, & Facility Spotlights

BIG Logistics – A Wholehearted Thank You

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we’d like to indulge in the spirit of gratefulness and give a BIG Wholehearted shout out to the people that have made us what we are today!

CFI – Meet Mike Hanna

After over a quarter of a century with American Airlines, Mike Hanna decided it was time to uncover more of the full picture of perishables logistics and has joined CFI as the Director of Exports.

JA Frate – Culture Cultivated

It is this deep respect and honor that makes JA Frate a great place to work as we are a company that walks the talk and treats our drivers with the respect they deserve for doing a mission critical job that few ever acknowledge.

RS Express – Looking into Freight Rates Futures

If there’s one thing the pandemic has done, it generated freight rates that plummeted early, bottoming out somewhere in June, 2020, and have continued a rapid and sustained ascent ever since.

Argents – 3 Keys to Selling in Retail

The evolution of selling for companies directly corresponds to their ability to first deliver a product (or “ship it”, as they say in software), fulfill the orders at hand, iterate and innovate and hopefully scale up as demand grows and popularity increases for their product(s).

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