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Veterans Flourish in Total Aviation Security Sector with Global K9 Protection Group

By Erin Avant, Position:Global

In a time where the cargo industry is experiencing worldwide disruptions and unimaginable delays and aviation security is at an all-time high, airlines, and freight forwarders are eager for consolidated solutions capable of addressing these ever-increasing needs. Many of the premier airlines and freight forwarders in the U.S. are one step ahead, having implemented services from the nation’s largest 3PK9 (third-party canine) cargo screening company and aviation security experts, Global K9 Protection Group (GK9PG).

GK9PG began as the first TSA-approved 3PK9 screening company on December 7, 2018, and since that time, has grown to be an integral part of the aviation security industry above and beyond just K9 screening. Owned and operated by veterans who have dedicated their lives to all aspects of the protection and security of our great nation, GK9PG has experienced exponential growth and diversification in cargo screening, commercial explosives and firearms detection, remote x-ray screener services and support, ETD, X-ray technician, physical search screening capabilities, and GlobalView, our proprietary TSA-approved video capture and documentation technologies capable of full automation. GK9PG’s focus has continuously centered around the ongoing training and development of screeners (both K9 and people), advancement of current technologies, development of new technologies, and has done so by expanding their unique Authorized Representative program that also extends their reach to providing a team of cargo and security subject matter experts to assist in facility and process improvements to align all aspects of a client’s security plan.

GK9PG believes in a holistic approach with each client, utilizing comprehensive, custom-tailored services in concert instead of forcing a one-size-fits-all approach. They approach every client and situation from a total aviation security perspective, and this overarching approach creates a partnership between GK9PG and its clients consisting of equally invested parties working together- er to protect lives and property.

“As it relates to cargo, we’ve never been an outside industry trying to understand cargo,” explains Eric Hare, President and CEO of Global K9 Protection Group, LLC. “We are part of the air cargo industry with a total aviation security outlook be- cause our foundation is in both cargo and security. We’re students of both facets, and that expertise really elevates the solutions we can deliver.”

GK9PG built its model by listening to industry experts to determine where im- improvements were needed. By choosing to hire and invest in both cargo and security experts, their experienced, cargo-savvy team has a unique perspective on the aviation security industry that also goes well beyond cargo screening.

“We take our cargo side seriously and have made sure there are mentors like Doug Brittin, Neel Jones Shah, other leaders from the Airforwarders Association, and the aviation security industry to advise and guide us on what aviation security needs GLOBAL most. Our upper management is well-diversified, with cargo experts throughout. We rely on their knowledge and perspective of all of the intricacies of the cargo industry to keep us in front of challenging issues in high regard, and we listen and consistently learn from them.”

“We have a singular mentality in this business. We want to work with people who are on their A-game. The more prepared we can make you, the more we can share information and technology, the better and safer we can keep our skies,” explains Hare. “GK9PG’s goal has always been to be the best in a field of excellence and from there elevate the industry to more useful security solutions.”

The nature of aviation security and all that it protects means our nation is only ever one mistake away from calamity; it’s not the right industry for inhibited organizations with closed-minded grasps on assignments. GK9PG dedicates itself to providing resources both internally and ex-externally to ensure everyone is working with the most up-to-date and accurate information possible to protect and identify threats from all sides.

As a result of GK9PG’s observations, work experiences, and leadership, the company continues to expand its services to support the overall aviation security landscape.

Their RS2 (Remote Screener Support) service provides both advanced x-ray in- interpretation services and support: for X-ray operations (cargo and commercial) that either may not warrant a full-time x-ray screener or for existing x-ray screeners that require the support of an industry expert to properly assess potential threats. Using their proprietary GlobalView remote technology platform, the RS2 team can provide immediate, real-time support to visualize the potential threat alongside on-FRIEND site personnel, allowing for an expeditious assessment resulting in drastically reduced operational downtime and tremendous cost savings.

GlobalView not only supports the RS2 operations but also GK9PG’s cargo screening operations. Understanding the key elements of compliance with a multitude of TSA Security Program requirements, GK- 9PG cargo screeners utilize GlobalView’s open API to both video all daily activities as well as capture airwaybill and all other associated screening documentation and forms electronically within the system, which supports integrated desktop and mobile applications. These materials are cataloged as required to meet and exceed TSA requirements and are remotely avail- able for TSA audits and client requests in a paperless environment. licensed and accredited training institute in the 3PK9 program where service members can work with GK9PG as part of their military-to-civilian transition to train and find a civilian career in the aviation security sector that’s fulfilling and rewarding. To achieve these successes in aviation security and commercial services, GK9PG firmly believes that not only is vision a critical component but also having team members with a keen focus on observation, awareness, and dependability is equally if not more important.

This program is the only aviation security program audited by the DoD and maintains the highest level of excellence in the field. From canine care and maintenance to training and handling, the veterans they train are offered a position within the company upon completion of the program, giving them a chance to work in various aviation security positions in major cities, airports, and locations across the country.

GK9PG strongly believes in the training and skills the United States Military instills within our veterans and law enforcement agencies instill in their officers. These qualities reinforce powerful security and situational awareness that flourishes in aviation security. For this reason, GK9PG partnered with the Army Civilian Skills Program (CSP) and Department of Defense (DoD) SkillBridge Program to create the only

In a disrupted cargo market, under record imports, new screening requirements for freighter aircraft, critical equipment imbalances, and delays in every transportation sector, efficiency, and effectiveness in cargo security can save time and money while instilling the much-needed presence of protection and security. Streamlining processes and advanced planning for security upgrades allows GK9PG to assist freight forwarders, ground handlers, and airlines with impending changes, ensuring compliance well ahead of schedule. The last issue anyone needs at this time is a delay due to security, or worse a tragedy that could have been prevented. GK9PG is dedicated to keeping cargo moving, keeping our service members supported and set to purpose, and building an air cargo and aviation security partnership to raise the standards of safety.