Three things to keep in mind when hosting a webinar.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the privilege of hosting one webinar and attending two.  Webinars can be a tremendous way to engage an audience of your customers or prospects.  It’s not something that should be undertaken without a plan, and here are three things to keep in mind when planning yours. Choose a… Read more »

Long gap between posts: Not going to happen again.

There’s a technology phrase called “dog fooding”, which implies that a technology company and its employees will use a product that they are creating or building, just to make sure that the program or experience they’re designing is one that their employees would want to use themselves. While I’ve been busy doing things for a… Read more »

Two days till W-day (Wednesday & Webinar Day)

You can get your own midweek camel fix, we’ve got important stuff to talk about here. Two things happen midweek:  Wednesday (see aforementioned dromedary reference) and my American Shipper webinar. In case you’ve missed the blogs, emails, social media promotion and every other blitz under the sun short of flying a plane with a banner… Read more »

Three tips for using e-mail newsletters for customers and prospects

When companies approach me asking for suggestions to stay in touch with customers and prospects, one of the quickest and easiest ways is through an e-mail newsletter sent on an established, expected schedule.  But just “having a newsletter” is not sufficient.  There are important considerations throughout the design, writing and distribution process.  Keeping it relevant… Read more »

SC:TNG (Supply Chain: The Next Generation)

  I’ll admit, you have to be of a certain vintage and inclination to recognize the nod to a great show of my college and years thereafter.  Every Saturday night after dinner in Willard, my friends and I would gather in Jeff and Robb’s room and watch Star Trek: The Next Generation.  For those of… Read more »

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