A lot of what I do for clients is to focus on what is called content marketing, in other words providing and developing materials that will live on for a very long time and can even be repurposed.  When a company has something notable happen, or they undertake a project or participate in an event that they can use over and over and over (ad infinitum) again, it’s a good thing.

And established companies are no exception.

Take a look at what FedEx has done with the movement of two pandas from China to the Toronto zoo.  They slapped a panda on everything that touched or was filmed associated with this move, and you can rest assured that as sure as a bunny’s leaving candy filled eggs all over the place this weekend, they will get millions of page views, impressions and touches with current and potential FedEx customers for their work on this job.

What has your company done that can live on like this and be repurposed well after the event has happened across digital, social and print?

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