Companies who know their customer type and target them successfully with specific ads and landing pages about those products will fill their pipeline with the kind of business they want; not the kind of business they have to accept.

What’s your company’s thing? Live animals? Foodstuffs? High-value cargo? Military? Personal effects? Humanitarian goods? Chances are if you’re like the majority of companies, you might handle one or two really well, but not all of them. It is like the difference between being a specialist physician or a generalist.

Using Google Keywords and competitor research, the right combination of search terms for your company’s area of expertise can be identified and a budget developed to make an impact using Pay Per Click (PPC). Coupled with remarketing advertisements that can serve ads for your company or product, in designated areas by topic and geography, you maximize the the return on investment.

Take this example of how remarketing advertisements work. Using whatever means available, you want to get people to your site so that a tracking cookie can be planted on the visitor’s computer. Then, for the next thirty days, anywhere that Google’s AdSense network is operating an advertisement can be served to them that directs them back to your website for that specific call to action.

Here’s a remarketing ad:

Remarketing Ad Sample

Now, this ad will then appear on a website that someone visits where it is appropriate:

Screenshot with Circle













And finally, if you click on that ad, it takes you back to the client’s site with a call to action to give them the information necessary to direct the lead to a member doctor.

Client landing site page












Maybe you’ve got a whitepaper about a hot industry topic. Maybe you’re launching a new service.  Maybe you want people to take a survey and are offering them a chance at a prize. Whatever brings them there, collect and convert every opportunity. The key thing is to also use the analytics that are generated to keep refining that call to action and increase conversions.

Targeted ads, plus smart use of remarketing, are just two ways that Position : Global puts you in front of your target audience. Contact us today for more information.

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