We’ve all got that favorite service provider.

The bartender at your local watering hole.

The celebrity chef at your favorite restaurant.

The person who cuts your hair at a barber or salon.

They deserve time off from work just like you take time off from work; but what if you want to make sure that on your trip to the bar / restaurant / salon that they’re actually there working that day or night?

You can do what this barbershop did, and let their customers know who was there that day:

Barbershop Tweet

The benefit to what they’re doing is letting people know, right then and there on that day who will be available. And it helps their customers plan their days accordingly.

How can your business use social to share service information?

If you’re experiencing bad weather, a utility failure or an interruption in service, share this information with your followers. If you use a platform such as Facebook or Twitter, tell your clients to follow and pay attention, and set notifications for themselves when you post something.

If you’re a warehouse breaking down air freight or sea freight, what if you told customers with a tweet that a container was devanned, or the freight from yesterday’s flight was now available?

This kind of proactivity does two things. First of all, it pushes people off your phone and on to your automated systems or social media. Second, it enhances your transparency to your customers, prospective customers and competitors alike.

Delivering service news and updates by social media gives your business transparency and sets the bar for your competitors. If they can’t keep up, you’ve built your own mousetrap and have a key differentiator when it comes time to choose your service over someone else’s.

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