As the Rolling Stones song opens, “Please allow me to introduce myself…”

My name is Scott Case, and I’m the Founder and Chief Storyteller of this newly-formed company called Position : Global. My company’s goal is to help logistics companies understand social, digital, brand management, for themselves, their customers and their future customers.

After nearly two decades working as a Customs broker and freight forwarder who started out as a clerk filing and making copies, to dispatching freight and then finally into import Customs clearance work where I then got my broker’s license, I’ve handled every facet of a transaction as a broker. Not content with only clearing cargo, I then delved into the process to move it, becoming the qualifying individual for our FMC license as well as our TSA IAC Security Coordinator. I was a Certified Ocean Forwarder as recognised by the NCBFAA in the 90’s as well. I served on the board of the NCBFAA for four years as representative and have remained active in several committees since moving on from that position.

As I’ve met people in the USA and overseas and moved through my organisation, I started to feel that there was a way to really serve the greater good of the logistics community. I worked with our software companies to enhance their offerings to clients internal and external. I wrote extensively and was the featured speaker at lectures and seminars for both the trade as well as in the undergraduate and graduate university environments. Most of all, I’ve had the tremendous fortune to meet and work with people whose work I admire, who are the gifted leaders of this industry and whose vision for its future paints a rosy picture.

Those people do a tremendous job executing the day-to-day activities of booking, moving and clearing cargo. Where they can use some assistance is in promoting themselves and their companies, making sure that importers and exporters and agents around the world don’t just know about them, but how good they are at what they do. It’s a function that doesn’t rest anywhere within a company, and its a niche where I feel I can make a difference.

Wanted to get that newsletter written but don’t have the time? Want to plan that webinar or seminar for prospects but haven’t got the first clue where to start? Look at your website or your logo or your overall identity and know it needs to be updated but dread the exercise because you barely have enough time to keep up with everything else?

Enter Position : Global. We compliment your company, we highlight and market to your clients and target audiences and we do the things to make you look great, be successful and grow your business.

“Pleased to meet you…”

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