Global logistics is a complicated process, but Scott Case has simply, clearly and comprehensively explained it to groups from university undergraduates to logistics professionals in the United States and abroad.

A noted global speaker, Scott has covered topics such as international transportation, marketing and branding, Customs and regulatory authorities and market conditions in a variety of settings.

At a conference in Sri Lanka, Scott spoke to an assembled group of logisticians from around the world and his keynote speech to this annual gathering was covered comprehensively in the Financial Times of Sri Lanka.

An attendee to the conference commented:

“It was a great presentation giving a different perspective to the Regional and Sri Lankan supply chain audience. Knowing whats happening in key markets like USA and latest trends are very important for this region and the presentation covered in depth about these changing trends.

I particularly liked the part that covered how corporates should engage in social media and how they could use tools to get visibility in the marketplace. I thought you demonstrated that very professionally and proved your strengths in the area. Overall it was a very good presentation giving an idea to a region who is hungry to acquire knowledge about key markets and changing trends. Well done, Scott. I am going to introduce you to few conferences in China and to some corporates who will appreciate your expertise.”

Chaminda Gunasekera

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