Taggart International is a woman-owned international freight forwarder and 3PL founded in Kansas City but now headquartered in Miami, Florida. Since their founding, Taggart has grown and made the strategic acquisition of CTS, Inc. CTS’s focus is on the Customs clearance and valuation of imports of 9802 merchandise – merchandise with multiple countries of origin of the components that are complex to value and enter into the commerce of the United States.

Taggart approached P:G in 2015 to put forth a new image for their brand in light of their growth, membership in key local, national and global organizations and to present them in a light to potential clients, customers and agents that they were a credible company who could handle each of their types of business.


P:G designed, built and deployed a new website that launched in January, 2016, with a microsite dedicated to the CTS brand and their work.


A new homepage focuses on a great time-lapse video that shows off all the best parts of the Taggart business. Special attention is given to the breadth of services on the homepage as well as the special Customs and Trade division.

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A tablet version of the site features a slim, off-canvas but full featured navigation, large imagery and optimised fonts.

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A great responsive site delivers a seamless desktop to mobile experience, and the mobile experience at Taggart delivers exactly this. Mobile visitors get all the content and none of the load times that other sites force.

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