Donna Mullins and her eponymous company Mullins International Solutions are located in Atlanta, Georgia.  Donna is a licensed Customs broker who has decades of experience in the Customs brokerage and freight forwarding industries.  Her brand is known nationwide thanks to her work with the local and national Customs brokers associations.

Mullins International is a one-woman company that opened in 2011 and her previous site was a series of Powerpoint slides converted to HTML pages.  Position : Global was contracted to create a search and user-friendly website.


Position : Global built a responsive site that features Donna’s work around the country as well as the types of clients her consulting firm engages and works with.


The desktop website is clean and concise, search-friendly and targets Mullins' audience.

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The mobile website offers a full page list and content in a compact format with easy tap targets for simple mobile browsing.

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Having Scott Case on my IT team tackling the web world that I am novice in has enable me to concentrate on the services I provide and not be side tracked with the www. For anyone who has attempted to manage a site you know very well the treacherous grounds that have to be covered to ensure a properly working, and very importantly as well an attractive site. I chose Position : Global so that Mullins International Solutions could be the recipient of exactly what P:G promises – making a site that will “introduce the world to me”. Thank you Scott for all that you and the P:G team does to keep MIS in the social media status that I would be lost in without you!.

Donna Mullins - President
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