LOA, Inc. is a woman-owned Customs broker and freight forwarder in Southern California specializing in high-value and antique motor vehicles, flooring and general cargo.  Prior to Position : Global, Robin’s website consisted of a one-page .jpg that acted as a placeholder.



She needed a site that matched her personal brand and reputation within her focus industries.  Our goal was to convey to anyone in the United States or overseas what LOA did, the focus of her niche of business and that they were interested in commercial shippers and consignees, not people seeking to move personal vehicles or private shipments.

LOA joined forces with Cars Europe and the site was taken off-line and redirected. In late 2015, LOA requested that we bring the site back to life, focusing specifically on the Customs brokerage services they offer for their non-automotive business.


A new, search engine optimized and mobile-friendly website packs a big punch on desktop too with large images and clear headlines.

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Mobile visitors no longer need to squint to see Loa's great services: right-sized text and a simple mobile navigation enable users instead of frustrate them.

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