Net neutrality is the concept that all traffic that moves on the internet does so without impediment or priority based on financial advantage or incentive.

President Obama campaigned as a proponent of net neutrality and understands fully why it is important.


Over time, though, the concept of net neutrality has been weakened as the people who own the Internet’s “pipes” (the fiber and lines over which data travels) and a plan has emerged by which the owners of those pipes could allow companies to pay to prioritize their traffic, creating inequity between those who can pay to have their content delivered first or faster and those who cannot.

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Internet speeds in America vary from place to place.  The covering of the country with high speed internet for all is being called the 21st century equivalent of rural electrification.

As more data moves around the internet as streaming video, audio or even business data such as analytics, real-time inventory information, tracking information and data for the movement and release of cargo, it is important that it all move without prejudice.


Yesterday, the Federal Communications Commission, the governing body in charge of regulating traffic on the internet, put forth two proposals.

The first would prohibit internet companies from letting “paid” traffic move faster than other traffic.  The second one, which is appealing to net neutrality advocates, would classify broadband service as a public utility, thereby subjecting it to more stringent standards.

The internet is not going away, nor is it an emerging technology.  But something of such great importance, which some countries restrict or some turn off to restrict dissenting activities, should operate equally for all.


If you happen to see something make its way to your inbox or social media feeds asking you to support net neutrality, take a moment to do so; making your voice known on the importance of net neutrality for your business as well as your personal use is imperative.

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