I am very thankful for the opportunity to have spoken before the Atlanta International Forwarders and Brokers Association on Tuesday at their monthly meeting at the Atlanta Marriott.

It was a great crowd.  They were attentive, engaging, involved and eager to win the four, half-pound bags of Aurora Coffee I gave away for just a business card (thanks to Bob who didn’t have a card with him for giving me a note with his details).  I’m thinking that my signature giveaway should be coffee from a local roaster; just a way to support a local business and possibly introduce a new customer to their product.Aurora Coffee Giveaway

The presentation took a good five to six hours to write and assemble and after putting it up on a screen, I had a few good takeaways on the content.  I also realized that dark images don’t throw well via most projectors.  I need to change about three pictures or find ways to enhance them because they’re all good examples for the themes they are driving home.

Scott and PamPersonally, I need to than Ryan Tanner of Tigers USA for all his coordination.  Also kudos to Pam Brown, the President of the Atlanta Association as well as a big shout out to Donna Mullins who was essentially my chauffeur for two days.  I’m pleased to announce that Position : Global is working with Mullins International Solutions on their branding and identity and watch for that to be updated in the coming months.

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