There’s a technology phrase called “dog fooding”, which implies that a technology company and its employees will use a product that they are creating or building, just to make sure that the program or experience they’re designing is one that their employees would want to use themselves.

P:G blog is requesting a mulligan for the extended radio silence.

While I’ve been busy doing things for a whole bunch of different clients, I’ve taken the liberty of not “dog fooding” myself, which is to say that I’ve let blogging go by the wayside.  Oh, and I’ve not sent people a newsletter in a while, either.  That is going to be fixed this month.

Radio silence on the website aside, there has been all kinds of exciting things happening.

  • is now responsive and adaptive (try it and see for yourself) and has a featured Portfolio page highlighting the work done to date.
  • A new site went live for KFS Incorporated, a Dallas-based global logistics provider.  Check out
  • A new site went live for the International Air Cargo Association of Chicago,
  • We’re working on doing SEO and meta on the site for Global Trade Academy,  We’re also helping plan and execute an advertising campaign for them as well.
  • I participated in a panel last week on the Panama Canal at an event co-sponsored by the Traffic Club of Chicago and the CSCMP Chicago Roundtable.
  • There are new sites underway for logistics companies and local associations.
  • We’re in discussions for some exciting big projects for some really big trade associations, global networks and logistics companies that have the potential to raise our profile tremendously.

But for the moment, I’m asking your indulgence for a mulligan and trust that publishing on important topics will return regularly, because it’s important to stay in touch and stay top of mind.  For both of us.

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