Just because I’ve moved on from Camelot doesn’t mean that I’ve given up the ghost when it comes to getting up in front of a room full of people and waving my arms every December.  This year is no different.  On Friday, December 14th, I’ll be giving my “VH-1 Behind the Broker” presentation at DePaul University’s O’Hare Campus.  Click here for a link to register.

Last year, I found one or two clients who had secretly attended (they introduced themselves post-presentation) and enjoyed it and I’m extending the same offer again.

Despite P:G’s focus on the branding and marketing for logistics companies (and rapidly expanding into other industries), I’m still a licensed Customs broker and keeping abreast of the regulatory changes and ever-in-flux trade conditions.  The topics I cover are everything from powers of attorney and classification through to current market conditions for forwarders and brokers and things affecting importers and exporters, since one person’s import is another person’s export.

Come out, it’s in the morning, I’ll be available for pictures, will autograph copies of my new business card, and generally make a Friday morning go by a little quicker.  Besides, I love people and can use the company.  See you Friday morning.  Click here to register.

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