Have you ever attended a convention just for fun? Well, I have! And I’m going again starting the 10th through the 13th of February. I’ll be gone having a blast with friends and whatnot, but I’m also looking at this with a new outlook on the world around me. Not just from a COVID-19 and variants standpoint, but one of logistics and how all of this is coming together to make a bigger picture. 

This is the type of convention where fans, artists, content creators, and more come together to create an experience that is hard to beat. You find and make friends and memories that you’ll never forget, and buy merch that will fuel your love for your chosen fandom every time you gaze upon it. 

What I love about going to conventions like this is the camaraderie you get from a random stranger that went to the same event as you to have fun, dress up, and you can just look at each other and know you have something in common to talk about. Normally, when I’m out in a crowd, I’m uncomfortable. But when I’m at a convention of my choosing, and I see a stranger dressed up as a character I love, or wearing merch that I want to buy myself, I just get this sense of togetherness that I don’t get anywhere else. A sense of welcoming, non-judgemental looks, and a feeling of acceptance and belonging. 

Thankfully, the convention is demanding masks for this year due to the COVID-19 and variants issues going around, so I have less to worry about there than I would normally. But from a logistical standpoint, it’s really cool to see how everything comes together. From booths and merch being imported, sold, and then exported from the convention center again once they pack up and take things home, it’s just really amazing to see how my job has a hand in everything around me. From stuff, I enjoy to the hobby work I do in my spare time. 

Being at a convention always inspires me to create things with my hands and that brings in things from stores that were imported by trucks, boats, planes, all of it! From the producer to the trucking company or by train, to the boat or plane where it’s distributed to the country of choice, to trucks and trains again to the warehouses, stores and shelves where I find it and make it into a craft of my own, logistics is everywhere. And I love it. I love learning about logistics and how it relates to what I’m doing in life. 

I love this job and all that it’s taught me. And I’m going to continue to learn and grow as time goes on. 

Here at Position Global, they appreciate your time and hard work. They look after your mental health. They treat you not just like a person, but as family. They joke with you, they help you grow, they’re hard on you when you need a firm hand to guide you, but never ever in a mean-spirited way. This is not only the best company I’ve ever worked for, it’s where I see myself in ten, twenty, even thirty years from now when all my coworkers have happily retired and moved on. I’ll be here, typing away about the newest logistics news and enjoying it every letter of the way. 

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