On September 10th, AirStrip Technologies discovered that they couldn’t handle the traffic on their site when it was showcased in the Apple Watch demonstration during the keynote speech. “Our website was crashed within seconds,” AirStrip CEO Alan Portela said. Within hours of the keynote, Airstrip received product inquiries which crashed the company’s servers. Having watched a demonstration of how a pregnant woman could perform a non-stress test from home using a piece of technology and her Apple Watch which detected both her heartbeat and that of her unborn child, the AirStrip site was overrun with interest they were unprepared to handle.

Understanding the moments of enormous visibility is a vital part of a company’s preparation for a launch of any kind. Even certain publicity photos released this year were so wildly popular that the magazine hosting had to be sure they built their infrastructure to handle the resulting traffic. When preparing for a big product launch or news including an acquisition, a sale, or the anticipation of being the source of traffic because of a project or something else prominent, make sure you have the bandwidth to handle the hits.

Position : Global can help you discover those moments and advances that will generate traffic beyond your core audiences. In addition to making those magic moments happen, we can help you to ensure your infrastructure is built to handle the incoming traffic of people looking to you for new opportunities. Let us know about your future plans and we can design a program and a strategy to support your business during the build up and implementation. Be prepared for the moment when your luck meets your preparation.

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