I am down in Chicago today for some sales calls and stopped to grab a bite to eat at an awesome vegan restaurant (hell, it’s just an awesome restaurant, PERIOD)

While at my table, overlooking the alley at the corner of Clark St. & Quincy, this unseen corridor is just a beehive of activity.  Smokers gathered out of the glare of the main drag; as many as seven at once, conversing or listening to music piped into the heads through earbuds.  Bicycle messengers riding westward on what appears to be an eastward-only alley.  Delivery trucks, construction trucks, garbage collection…all there for something., Native Foods.

And perhaps the coolest?  The elevator which rose out of the sidewalk disgorging a courier who made some subterranean delivery.

Part of the reason I started P:G (the official shorthand for it) was because I felt like too many things get past us nowadays because of the deluge of inputs.  The question becomes how among the white noise can the real, critical, touching, human moments stand out, either on their own or with help.

Hope to have more to say about today’s appointment when (power of positive thinking) they become a client.  We hit on a great word towards the end of our discussion about what we both believe we’re trying to create.  And aligning with your clients is the best way to insure that together, your strength becomes a force multiplier.  Exciting.

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