To say that there’s been a gap in communication on the blog would be an understatement. P:G has been busy growing and doing lots of great things for lots of great people and companies. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel and present at conferences and for groups along the way; and those people have been the focus.

But the fact of the matter is, if you’re going to be a marketer, you have to take time to market and tend to your own company. Dogfooding,is the term that startups and other tech companies use in referring to using their own products and services. I guess I need to heed my own advice to clients and tend to my garden as diligently.

Since the last blog post in mid-August, we’ve proudly finished and stood up new websites for:

Merit Trade Services

BCS Placement

Atlanta Air Cargo Association

Atlanta International Forwarders and Brokers Association

Overton & Co.

AirCargo Conference

Global Affinity Alliance

Along the way, we played a role in planning a very successful users meeting for our client, CargoSphere, that was held here in Chicago last fall. We also managed all the branding, email correspondence and social media for the AirCargo Conference, including the posting to all their social media channels before, during and after the event.

Most recently, I was in Orlando last week and moderated a panel at the CNS 25th Anniversary Partner Conference, as well as offered a session at the Thursday Workshop of the NCBFAA Educational Institute. It was an honor to be considered to play a role in both events,

This means that with all that has been happening, I’ve needed to bring on some additional assistance. I’ve been slowly accumulating talent to help me get work done behind the scenes, but one person I want to introduce is Erin Avant. Erin will be a contributor here on the P:G site as well as writing blog posts and managing social media for several clients. Erin is a writer by education (you’ll get an introductory post from her in the next several days) and someone I’ve known for more years than I can count. She’s active in the industry and has worked for an importer and exporter as well as for freight forwarders.

The most challenging part of what I offer companies is the ability to craft content that reads like it was written by an industry person. Erin is great at doing just that, as well as speaking the languages of the target audience of P:G’s client base, the importing and exporting community.

Newsletters will be returning more frequently bringing both industry analysis and social media and marketing trends, as well as those technology and other stories that I think you, the P:G audience will want to read. A new website is also planned for this summer, so stay tuned.

Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive through the first 2.5+ years and for your business. It feels like P:G is poised on the precipice of a growth event, and I’m humbled and thankful for everyone who is coming along for the ride.


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