Personalize campaigns using client or prospect data.

“Big Data”.  The phrase is ubiquitous now, like “cloud computing”. In theory, it essentially refers to having a large amount of data pertaining to purchases, transactions or behaviors that can be aggregated, analyzed and then used for some other purpose, oftentimes marketing or selling additional services. There are many ways to use this data, whether… Read more »

Using pictures and videos tell stories

It’s not a surprise that sites like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest are gaining so many followers.  Besides the connective nature of Facebook, the other three sites are solely image-driven. Companies in logistics need to be publishing pictures and videos about themselves, their agents and the cargo they handle.   Allow me to explain why…. Read more »

Tools of the trade: surveys

Surveys are an invaluable barometer for companies who are looking to get a reading on how they’re doing in the eyes of their customers or prospects.There are many ways to conduct surveys online for little or no cost, and they also can be integrated with CRM or or email campaign software to propagate the results… Read more »

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